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Reporting Reward Policy
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The company implements a policy of investigation for reports and feedback for real name reports. According to the survey results, rewards will be given as follows:

The amount of confiscated property or recovered losses shall be rewarded in a certain proportion, determined based on the validity of the clues, the nature and severity of the case;

For those without property confiscated: 200-10000 yuan;

Transferred to judicial authorities for criminal responsibility investigation: 10000 yuan

For those who proactively report corrupt information to our company, or actively cooperate in fraud investigations and become tainted witnesses to provide relevant evidence, our company has the following measures:

Our company will continue to cooperate with external units that have already established cooperative relationships, while reducing or exempting corresponding breach of contract responsibilities; For external units that intend to establish cooperative relationships, cooperation opportunities will be reserved or given priority based on their qualifications, business nature, and reporting content. During the investigation process, if external units or internal employees actively cooperate with the investigation or provide new valuable clues, our company will reduce or exempt their corresponding breach of contract liability.

We must keep the privacy of whistleblowers confidential, and the security of whistleblowers must be protected by the company.

The informant can contact the investigators through anonymous email or phone, and provide relevant clues to claim bonuses. Non personal accounts can also be provided.

Provide detailed information of the reported person as much as possible, such as unit, name, job number, position, etc; Accurately reflect the details of the event, including time, location, personnel involved, process, amount involved, main evidence, etc. If there are photos, videos, recordings and other evidence materials, please provide them together. The content of the report should be truthful and objective, and false accusations or defamation are not allowed. The main observation should not be conducted without factual basis.

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